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id: b2c15736-b9eb-4dae-8b02-3016b6a45a32
name: Suspicious granting of permissions to an account
description: |
'Identifies IPs from which users grant access to other users on azure resources and alerts when a previously unseen source IP address is used.'
severity: Medium
- connectorId: AzureActivity
- AzureActivity
queryFrequency: 1d
queryPeriod: 14d
triggerOperator: gt
triggerThreshold: 0
- Persistence
- PrivilegeEscalation
- T1098
query: |
let createRoleAssignmentActivity = AzureActivity
| where OperationName == "Create role assignment"
| where ActivityStatus == "Succeeded"
| project TimeGenerated, EventSubmissionTimestamp, Caller, CallerIpAddress, SubscriptionId, ResourceId, OperationName;
// The number of operations below which an IP address is considered an unusual source of role assignment operations
let alertOperationThreshold = 5;
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(14d)
| summarize count() by CallerIpAddress
| where count_ <= alertOperationThreshold
| join kind = rightsemi ( createRoleAssignmentActivity
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(1d)
) on CallerIpAddress
| extend timestamp = TimeGenerated, AccountCustomEntity = Caller, IPCustomEntity = CallerIpAddress
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