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id: 723c5f46-133f-4f1e-ada6-5c138f811d75
name: New Admin account activity seen which was not seen historically
description: |
'This will help you discover any new admin account activity which was seen and were not seen historically.
Any new accounts seen in the results can be validated and investigated for any suspicious activities.'
severity: Medium
- connectorId: Office365
- OfficeActivity
- PrivilegeEscalation
- Collection
- T1078
- T1114
query: |
let starttime = 14d;
let endtime = 1d;
let historicalActivity=
| where TimeGenerated between(ago(starttime)..ago(endtime))
| where RecordType=="ExchangeAdmin" and UserType in ("Admin","DcAdmin")
| summarize historicalCount=count() by UserId;
let recentActivity = OfficeActivity
| where TimeGenerated > ago(endtime)
| where UserType in ("Admin","DcAdmin")
| summarize recentCount=count() by UserId;
recentActivity | join kind = leftanti (
) on UserId
| project UserId,recentCount
| order by recentCount asc, UserId
| join kind = rightsemi
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(endtime)
| where RecordType == "ExchangeAdmin" | where UserType in ("Admin","DcAdmin"))
on UserId
| summarize count(), min(TimeGenerated), max(TimeGenerated) by RecordType, Operation, UserType, UserId, OriginatingServer, ResultStatus
| extend timestamp = min_TimeGenerated, AccountCustomEntity = UserId
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