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Product Information

Interactive Data Exploratory Analysis and Reporting (IDEAR) is a tool developed for data scientists to interactively explore, visualize, and analyze data sets prior to building modeling tasks.

  • Developed by Team Data Science Process (TDSP) team at Microsoft.
  • Version: 0.1

How to Run

The prerequisites are

  • R (recommended version: 3.3.1)
  • RStudio (recommended version: 0.99.903).

To start IDEAR,

  • Click Source to run the script Run-IDEAR.R in RStudio.
  • When prompted, select the YAML file which contains the dataset configurations.

For details, please read instructions.

R libraries

The R libraries used in IDEAR include

  • Hmisc
  • psych
  • corrgram
  • yaml
  • entropy
  • vcd
  • shiny
  • rmarkdown
  • corrplot
  • scatterplot3d
  • DescTools
  • xtable
  • shinyjs
  • parallel
  • doSNOW
  • foreach
  • dplyr


Use of the software is subject to acceptance of the License Agreement