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#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include "SerialPnP.h"
// This global variable dictates the sample rate.
uint32_t g_SampleRate = 1000; // default = 1000ms
// Tracks time of last sample in Arduino ticks
uint32_t g_LastSample = 0;
// This function will be called by SerialPnP to both read and update the sample
// rate of the temperature. The schema of the property data is `SerialPnPSchema_Int`
// as defined on initialization, so the method signature is defined accordingly.
int32_t *input,
int32_t *output
// If input variable is defined, validate and update sample rate variable
if (input) {
// Only allow sample rates between 100ms and 10s
if ((*input > 100) && (*input <= 10000)) {
g_SampleRate = *input;
// Output will always be defined for a property callback
*output = g_SampleRate;
// This function handles calibration and will return success or failure as a bool.
int32_t *inputTemperature,
int32_t *outputSuccess
*outputSuccess = *inputTemperature << 1;
void setup() {
SerialPnP_Setup("Example Thermometer");
// This begins configuration of a new Azure PnP interface, backed by the
// provided URI.
// This provides an event, which will be periodically sent by the device to
// provide a temperature measurement.
SerialPnP_NewEvent("temperature", // short ID for the event
"Ambient Temperature", // friendly name for event
"A sample of the ambient temperature.", // description of event
SerialPnPSchema_Float, // data schema for temperature data
"celsius"); // units of the temperature data
// This provides a property which the gateway may use to configure the sample rate
// for the temperature data.
SerialPnP_NewProperty("sample_rate", // short ID for property
"Sample Rate", // friendly name for property
"Sample Rate of temperature measurements", // description of property
"ms", // unit of sample rate is millisecond
SerialPnPSchema_Int, // data schema of property
false, // required
true, // writeable by gateway
(SerialPnPCb*) CbSampleRate); // callback - see below
// This provides a calibration method which allows the gateway to provide an ambient
// temperature for calibration purposes.
SerialPnP_NewCommand("calibrate", // short ID for command
"Calibrate Temperature", // friendly name for command
"Calibrates the thermometer", // description of command
SerialPnPSchema_Int, // data schema of input to command
SerialPnPSchema_Int, // data schema of output to command
(SerialPnPCb*) CbCalibrate); // callback - see below
void loop() {
g_LastSample = millis();
while(1) {
uint32_t cticks = millis();
if (cticks - g_LastSample < g_SampleRate) {
SerialPnP_SendEventFloat("temperature", 12.34f);
g_LastSample = cticks;
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