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Create HA Infrastructure for an AppServices deployment

This template will deploy all the infrastructure required for Azure Stack AppServices installation. The goal of the template is to simplify the deployment of the AppService Resource Provider and is therefore intended to be deployed into the Default Provider Subscription. Storage and Network configuration for deployment are included in the main template and may need to be adjusted according to your needs.

It creates the following resources:

  • A virtual network with required subnets
  • Network security groups for file server, SQL server and AD subnets
  • Storage accounts for VM disks and cluster cloud witness
  • One internal load balancer for SQL VMs with private IP bound to the SQL Always On listener
  • Two VM (WS2016Core) configured as Domain Controllers for a new forest with a single domain
  • Two VM (WS2016Core) configured as Storage Spaces Direct File share cluster
  • Three Availability Sets, for AD, Fileserver cluster and SQL cluster

Deploying the AppService Resource Provider

As stated the goal of this template is to deploy the infrastructure needed to support the App Service Resource Provider so this should be deployed before running the AppService installer.

  • Check the template meets any requirements you may have on VNET address space and storage sizing
  • Deploy this template using the Default Provider Subscription
  • Create a new Resource Group
  • Make a note of the outputs from this template they will be needed when installing AppService
  • When installing AppService be sure to select the option to deploy to an existing VNET
  • Details of File Server and SQL server endpoints & accounts can be found in the outputs noted
  • After AppService deployment is complete manually back up bot the metering and hosting databases and add them to the availability group.
  • By default, the AppService Controller VM(s) have public IP addresses update the Controller NSG to allow RDP access, the SQL servers can be accessed from here on default IP addresses of and


This template uses Azure Stack Marketplace images. These need to be available on your Azure Stack instance:

  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Core Image (for AD and File Server VMs)
  • SQL Server 2016 SP2 on Windows Server 2016 (Enterprise)
  • Latest SQL IaaS Extension 1.2.x (currently 1.2.30)
  • Latest PowerShell Desired State Configuration Extension (currently 2.76.0)


Parameter Name Description Type Default Value
namePrefix prefix to be used in resource naming string aps
domainVmSize VM size for AD VMs string Standard_DS1_v2
filServerVmSize VM size for file server VMs string Standard_DS2_v2
sqlVmSize VM size for SQL VMs string Standard_DS2_v2
domainName dns domain name of new domain string Appsvc.local
adminUsername Username for domain admin account string appsvcadmin
adminPassword password for domain admin account secure string
fileShareOwnerUserName Username for the file share owner account string FileShareOwner
fileShareOwnerPassword password for file share owner account secure string
fileShareUserUserName Username for the file share user account string FileShareUser
fileShareUserPassword password for domain admin account secure string
sqlServerServiceAccountUserName Username for SQL service account string svcSQL
sqlServerServiceAccountPassword password for SQL service account secure string
sqlLogin Username for the SQL login string sqlsa
sqlLoginPassword password for SQL login account secure string
sofsName Name of the Scale-out File Server string sofs01
shareName Name of the Fileshare string WebSites
_artifactsLocation Blob store where all deployment artifacts are stored string
_artifactsLocationSasToken SAS token for artifact location if required secure string
location location to be used for the deployment string


Parameter Name Description
FileSharePath FQDN of the file server
FileShareOwner Name of File Share Owner Account
FileShareUser Name of File Share User Account
SQLserver Name of SQL account
SQLUser Name of SQL Server