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Create a SQL Server 2014 Stand alone with PowerShell DSC Extension

This template will create a SQL Server 2014 Always On Availability Group using the PowerShell DSC Extension it creates the following resources:

  • A Virtual Network
  • One Storage Account
  • One VM configured as SQL Server 2014 stand alone


  • The images used to create this deployment are

    • SQL Server - Latest SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2016 Image(with .Net 3.5)
  • The image configuration is defined in variables - details below - but the scripts that configure this deployment have only been tested with these versions and may not work on other images.

Deploying from Portal

  • Login into Azurestack portal
  • Click "New" -> "Custom" -> "Template deployment"
  • Copy conent in azuredeploy.json, Click "Edit Tempalte" and paste content, then Click "Save"
  • Fill the parameters
  • Click "Create new" to create new Resource Group
  • Click "Create"