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Azure Stack

These tools are meant for use with Azure Stack Hub and Integrated Systems

master branch contains the tools compatible with AzureRm version of azure powershell. az branch contains the tools compatible with AzureRm version of azure powershell. We are not changing the default branch master to support Az considering that this would be a breaking change

Tools for using Azure and Azure Stack

To use these tools, obtain Azure Stack compatible Azure PowerShell module. Unless you've installed from other sources, one way to do it is to obtain from public package repositories as follows. Note that both of these could still be used to operate against Azure as well as Azure Stack, but may lack some of the latest Azure features.

To install supported version of azure powershell, please follow the instructions at

Obtain the tools by cloning the git repository. Switch to az branch for Az powershell, master is compatible with AzureRM powershell

Or download the tools with the instructions from the documentaion page

Instructions below are relative to the root of the repo.

Azure Resource Manager policy for Azure Stack

Constrains Azure subscription to the capabilities available in the Azure Stack.

  • Apply Azure Stack policy to Azure subscriptions and resource groups

Deployment of Azure Stack Development Kit

Helps prepare for ASDK deployment.

  • Prepare to Deploy (boot from VHD)
  • Prepare to Redeploy (boot back to original/base OS)

Connecting to Azure Stack

Connect to an Azure Stack ASDK instance from your personal computer/laptop.

  • Connect via VPN to an Azure Stack installation

Setting up Identity for Azure Stack

Create and manage identity related objects and configurations for Azure Stack

AzureRM Template Validator

Validate Azure ARM Template Capabilities

  • resources - Types, Location, Apiversion
  • Compute Capabilities - extensions, images, sizes
  • Storage Capabilities - skus

Tenant Log collection tool

GuestOS FileName Brief Description
Windows Windows\Panther\FastCleanup\setupact.log Primary log file for most errors that Windows
Windows Windows\Panther\UnattendGC\setupact.log High-level list of errors that occurred during the Windows
Windows Windows\Panther\WaSetup.log Windows Setup includes the ability to review the Windows Setup Windows
Windows Windows\Panther\WaSetup.xml Windows Provisioning Agent log
Windows Windows\Panther\setupact.log Primary log file for most errors that occur during the Windows Windows
Windows Windows\Panther\setuperr.log High-level list of errors that occurred during the specialize Windows
Windows Windows\Panther\unattend.xml Windows Provisioning Agent log
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\MonitoringAgent.log Windows Guest Agent Monitoring log
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\Telemetry.log Windows Guest Agent Telemetry service log
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\TransparentInstaller.log Windows Guest Agent installation log. Windows Windows
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\WaAppAgent.log Windows Guest Agent log. To see when an update to the Windows
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\AgentRuntime.log Windows Guest Agent Runtime log
Windows WindowsAzure\Logs\TransparentInstaller.000.log Windows Guest Agent installation log (rollover)
Windows WindowsAzure\Config\myvm0.1.ExtensionConfig.xml XML file containing part of VM’s extension configuration
Linux /var/lib/waagent/ovf-env.xml During provisioning, The Azure platform provides initial data to an instance via an attached CD formatted in UDF. That CD contains a ‘ovf-env.xml’ file that provides configuration/deployment information.
Linux /var/lib/waagent/provisioned This file is just a marker that indicates a VHD has been Linux
Linux /var/log/dmesg* Log file(s) that contain messages from the kernel or device drivers
Linux /var/log/syslog Standardized text-based log file(s) containing logging and event information.
Linux /var/log/messages Standardized text-based log file(s) containing logging and event Linux
Linux /var/log/waagent.log Log file for the Azure Linux agent

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.