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Apps & Agents / Knowledge Mining


Microsoft AI Airlift: Intelligent Apps & Agents + Knowledge Mining

About this course

In this course, you will focus on hands-on activities that develop proficiency in AI-oriented services such as Azure Bot Services, Azure Search (including Cognitive Search), and Cognitive Services. Additionally, we will provide various design and architecture guidance/activities so you are not only able to build POC/solutions, but so you are also able to architect and design them.


Most challenges observed by customers in these realms are in stitching multiple services together. As such, where possible, we have tried to place key concepts in the context of broader examples.

In this 300-400 level training you will:

  • Understand Microsoft Applied AI platform, including Cognitive Services, Bots, Azure Search, and Cognitive Search
  • Create an E2E Intelligent Search solution, using computer vision, Bing Search, LUIS (Language Understanding) and a Bot interface
  • Create an E2E Cognitive Search solution, using multiple Cognitive Services, Azure Functions and a Bot interface


All labs have an approximate duration of 1 hour and start with an introduction of theory and context.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Contact us: and


The LearnAI team had intense participation in the creation of the following new Microsoft certifications and its required tests:

Cognitive Services Compliance

Click here to learn how Microsoft Cognitive Services handle your data.


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