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Welcome to this course on the Microsoft R for Architects. This course guides you through a series of modules that explain how to understand, implement and operationalize a Microsoft R solution. This course does cover a very basic overview of the R language, but focuses more on architecting and deploying a solution. We focus on this course on using Microsoft R in SQL Server.

The folder structure below explains how you can navigate this course Student/Resources - This folder holds any and all files you need to hold the labs for the students, including all source data files. It also holds a video file for the Instructor to learn how to re-deliver this course. Instructor - This folder holds all of the implements that the Instructor needs to teach the course. It includes the PowerPoint files, and a Resources folder that holds all the lab materials. The PPT files have all the materials you need in the “Notes” view. By following the Notes for each slide, you’ll find everything you need to teach the course and hold the labs. Students - This folder holds each module as a PDF file, with notes for the student to follow with the instructor. It also contains a Resources folder which holds all lab materials and source files for the labs.

Learning Objective

Given below are the details of the modules covered:

  1. Review R programming environment and the various Microsoft R platforms, with a focus on SQL Server R Services
  2. Learn how and when to implement R in SQL Server for Advanced Analytic solutions.
  3. Basic R coding
  4. Choose, install, configure, and use the proper R environment for a given solution
  5. Connect to a Microsoft R platform from various client tools, run code locally and operationalize on server
  6. Understand how to plan, deploy, manage, tune, and monitor a Microsoft R solution
  7. Deploy code to a Microsoft R Server, including SQL Server