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github structure: /Instructions - Contains any special instructions or videos for the delivery of this course /Instructor - Contains all PPT and Lab files for the Instructor /Students - Contains all PDF workbooks and Labs for the Student

Microsoft R for the SQL Server Professional This workshop covers working with Microsoft R using SQL Server Data. It covers the basics of the R language, using R with SQL Server Databases, and using SQL Server R Services in a solution. About the Course In this workshop you’ll cover a series of modules that guide you from understanding an analytics workload, using the Microsoft R feature of the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Process. You’ll also cover a series of modules that guide you from an introduction to the R programming environment, the Cortana Intelligence Suite Process, the Cortana Intelligence Suite Platform, to the Microsoft R platforms including: Microsoft Open R, the Microsoft R Client, Microsoft R Server, SQL Server with R Services, R in Azure ML, and HDInsight with R. Final lab is an SQL Server R Services solution in Transact-SQL. Prerequisites There are a few things you will need in order to properly follow the course materials: If you want to use a Virtual Machine in Azure, prior to coming to class you will need: A subscription to Microsoft Azure (this may be provided through your company or as part of your invitation – you must have this enabled prior to class – you will be using Azure throughout the course, for all labs, work and exercises) You can use your MSDN subscription – Your employer may provide Azure resources to you, but make sure you check to see if you can deploy assets and that they know you’ll be using their subscription in the class. Optionally, you may receive instructions in your class invitation. We’ll be using the Data Science Virtual Machine in Azure for the course. It has all of the tools you will need to work with the materials. Make sure you’re able to use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from your system to be able to work through the labs. If you would also like to work the tools locally, you should install (prior to class): Visual Studio – the Community Edition (free) is acceptable – Version 2015 preferable ( SQL Server 2016 (or higher) Developer Edition with ALL features and options selected Power BI Desktop Installed ( ) Install the Microsoft R Client: with the R tools for Visual Studio It’s also a good idea to have a general level of predictive and classification Statistics, and a basic understanding of Machine Learning Agenda What will you learn Process and Platform, Environment Configuration Data Discovery and Ingestion Data Preparation Modeling for Machine Learning and Data Mining Key Concepts in R The Microsoft R Platform R Client Options Operationalize Microsoft R Solutions Creating a Microsoft R Solution Skills taught Understand the CIS Process (General level), Understand CIS Components (General Level), Set up and configure the development environment Understand when to use each component within CIS Basic R coding Choose, install, configure and use the proper R environment for a given solution Connect to a Microsoft R platform from various client tools, run code locally and operationalize on server Deploy code to a Microsoft R Server, including SQL Server# Contributing

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