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Microsoft R for Data Science Workshop

Welcome to the Microsoft R for Data Science Workshop page. Here you can find resources for your training.

Previous Workshops

Past deliveries of the course have been tagged and saved in the releases pane.

Next Workshops

Pre-training Items

During Class

The best way to participate in the class is to create a fork of the course materials and then work with your own fork.

As you find issues or errors, I would greatly appreciate if you could fix them in your repository and create a pull request. If you don't have the time to do so, simply giving me a note in the issue pane will be very helpful!

You can submit issues with course materials here.

If you are new to git, you might want to take a look at Jenny Bryan's Git and GitHub tutorial. For a more concise git tutorial, I heartily recommend Shekhar Gulati's tutorial.

If you rather not use git/github, you can download all the course materials in a zip archive here.

After Class

  • Fill out the course survey.
  • Use R everyday!
  • As the course evolves, the repository will change. If you want to peruse past materials, look at the past releases.