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Microsoft R with Spark on HDInsight

This is a one-day workshop on Using R Server on Spark. Student can find course modules as rmarkdown documents in the Student-Resources directory. Instructions on how to deliver the course can be found in the Instructor-Resources directory. It is usually expected that the student has already completed the Microsoft R for Data Science Course.

Tutorial Cluster Deployment Instructions

  1. Click the “Deploy to Azure” button

  2. Fill in the form and click “Purchase”. IMPORTANT: Set Cluster Login User Name = "admin" and Ssh User Name = "sshuser". Here is an example:

    Image of creating a new cluster

  3. Wait 30-40 minutes for the cluster to deploy

  4. We will run our R scripts using the RStudio IDE. To launch RStudio in your browser, from the cluster overview in the Azure portal, click "R Server dashboards" and then "R Studio server". At the first login screen, enter "admin" and the password you supplied. At the second login screen, enter "sshuser" and the password you supplied.

    Image of the cluster overview

  5. Once in RStudio, go to the Files pane in the lower right-hand corner and click on "SparkMLADS" and then "Code". Here you will find the directories for the hands-on tutorial scripts.



The student resources can be found in the Student Resources directory. In particular, you will probably use either the Jupyter notebooks or the RMarkdown notebooks.


Resources for re-delivery can be found in the Instructor Resources folder.


This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.