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Client Data Access library


Enables to persist the Plans, Subscriptions, and transactions with the fulfillment and Metered APIs.


The project contains the repositories to manage entities in the database.

Entities that are persisted in the Database

Entity Name Description
Application Log Tracks the Customer Web Application Sample activity
Metered Dimensions Tracks the metered information that will be submitted to the Billing API. The metered data is submitted by the Publisher. In the SDK, there is an interface in the Publisher Sample web application that will help generate this data.
Plans Stores the SaaS Offer plan information. Plans are part of the SaaS offer and submitted via Partner Center. This table is populated after calls to the Fulfillment API
Subscription Audit Log This table is an audit trail for all the operations regarding Subscriptions.
Subscription Licenses This table tracks the associated licenses for a Subscription. This table is only relevant for the Blueprint: SaaS as a License Service
Subscriptions Tracks the Offer's Subscriptions. Associates Customers (users) with their selected Plan
Users Tracks the list of Customers (users that created subscriptions against the offer)

Click here for more details on the sample database.

Source Code

The Project is located in the Microsoft.Marketplace.SaaS.SDK.Client.DataAccess folder. The project is composed of the following sections:

Section Name Description
Dependencies EntityFrameworkCore, EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
Context EntityFramework database context
Contracts Interface that defines the methods to manage the entities
Entities Table entities
Services Implementations for the interfaces to manage the persistence and query over entities
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