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ARM Templates for Remote Desktop Services

This repository contains latest version of RDS deployment templates and DSC resources.

Build Status

Reporting issues

Microsoft Support is not handling issues for any published tools in this repository. These tools are published as is with no implied support. However, we would like to welcome you to open issues using GitHub issues to collaborate and improve these tools. You can open an issue and add the corresponding label (like 5-RDS-on-Windows-Server) to associate it with the appropriate tool.


  • master
    Main branch, latest stable code (must be a working version, must pass CI tests).
    Please avoid direct check-ins into master. Any dev work should happen in personal forks and develop branches, and then merged into master via pull requests.
  • release-<yymm>
    Branch for merges into and from Azure/azure-quickstart-templates repo. For any pending pull request into azure-quickstart-templates repo the branch is frozen till the PR is merged.

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