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GitHub Workflow

We're following basic GitHub Flow. If you have no idea what we're talking about, check out GitHub's official guide. Note that merge is only performed by the repository maintainer.

Guide for performing commits:

  • Isolate each commit to one component/bugfix/issue/feature
  • Use a standard commit message format:
[component/folder touched]: Description intent of your changes

[List of changes]

Signed-off-by: Your Name

For example:

swss-common: Stabilize the ConsumerTable

* Fixing autoreconf
* Fixing unit-tests by adding checkers and initialize the DB before start
* Adding the ability to select from multiple channels
* Health-Monitor - The idea of the patch is that if something went wrong with the notification channel,
  we will have the option to know about it (Query the LLEN table length).

  Signed-off-by: user@dev.null
  • Each developer should fork this repository and add the team as a Contributor
  • Push your changes to your private fork and do "pull-request" to this repository
  • Use a pull request to do code review
  • Use issues to keep track of what is going on

##Expectations for pull requests Pull requests should be free of any known bugs and be accompanied by tests and appropriate documentation. Test coverage may include unit tests, integration tests such as PTF tests defined in the sonic-mgmt repo.

Commiting new test

When commiting a new feature with a new test, please complete a test plan from the template

##Responding to pull requests Responsible individual: A contribution needs to be looked at by its maintainers. In the absence of the maintainer, the project leader can respond. A pull request should be responded to in approximately 48 hours. This does not mean the contribution will be resolved in 48 hours. It could even mean an email that states: “busy now, will get to it soon.”

##Contributors License Agreement All contributors must sign a contribution license agreement before contributions can be accepted. Send email to sonic-cla to request a copy of the contributors a license agreement to be signed.