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Azure Container Registry HTTP headers

Azure container registries are compatible with a multitude of services and orchestrators. To help our customers, we'd like to understand which services in Azure, or outside of Azure, are issuing registry requests. To track the source services and agents from which ACR is used, we have started using the HttpHeaders field in the Docker config.json file.

Header format

ACR will parse headers using the following format:

X-Meta-Source-Client: <cloud>/<service>/<optionalservicename>
  • cloud: Azure, Azure Stack, or other government- or country-specific Azure cloud.
  • service: The name of the service.
  • optionalservicename: An optional parameter for services with subservices, or for specifying a SKU. For example, Web Apps corresponds to azure/app-service/web-apps).


	"HttpHeaders": {
		"X-Meta-Source-Client": "azure/aks"
	"auths": {
		"": {},
	"credsStore": "wincred"

Header values

Partner services and orchestrators are encouraged to use specific header values to help with our telemetry. Users can also modify the value passed to the header if they so desire.

The values we ask ACR partners to use when populating the X-Meta-Source-Client field are:

Cloud Header
Azure Public Cloud azure/
Azure Stack azurestack/
China (Mooncake) china/
Germany germany/
US DOD azureusdod/
US Gov azureusgov/
Service name Header
App Service - Logic Apps azure/app-service/logic-apps
App Service - Web Apps azure/app-service/web-apps
Azure Container Builder azure/acb
Azure Container Instance azure/aci
Azure Container Service azure/acs
Azure Kubernetes Service azure/aks
Batch azure/batch
Cloud Console azure/cloud-console
Functions azure/functions
HDInsight azure/hdinsight
Internet of Things - Hub azure/iot/hub
Jenkins azure/jenkins
Machine Learning azure/ml
Service Fabric azure/service-fabric
VSTS azure/vsts