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Prow is a CI system that offers various features such as rich Github automation, and running tests in Jenkins or on a Kubernetes cluster. You can read more about Prow in upstream docs.

aks-engine setup

Deploy a new Kubernetes cluster.

Set up an Ingress controller and a mechanism to do TLS. The Azure docs explain how to setup Ingress with TLS on top of a Kubernetes cluster in Azure. (make sure you specify --set rbac.create=true when creating the ingress controller)

A Github webhook also needs to be setup in the repo that points to dns-name/hook. dns-name is the DNS name setup during the DNS configuration of the Ingress controller. The Github webhook also needs to send application/json type of payloads and use a secret. This secret is going to be used by Prow to decrypt the payload inside Kubernetes.

Another secret that needs to be setup is a Github token from the bot account that is going to manage PRs and issues. The token needs the repo and read:org scopes enabled. The bot account also needs to be added as a collaborator in the repository it is going to manage.

To automate the installation of Prow, store the webhook secret as hmac and the bot token as oauth inside the .prowci directory. Then, installing Prow involves running the following command:

make prow

What is installed

hook is installed that manages receiving webhooks from Github and reacting appropriately on Github. deck is installed as the Prow frontend. Last, tide is also installed that takes care of merging pull requests that pass all tests and satisfy a set of label requirements.

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