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Jan 29, 2019

Azure API Management developer portal

This repository is managed by the Microsoft Azure API Management team and contains the source code of the developer portal. Refer to the official Azure documentation for more information and instructions.

API Management developer portal


The master branch of this repository is used for daily development purposes and may contain unstable version of the software. We recommend using releases for setting up your portal.


You can report bugs or submit feature requests in the repository's Issues section.

Microsoft Azure Support assistance is limited to managed portals and only the initial setup of self-hosted portals (documentation); best effort support is provided for problems that are caused by environmental factors, such as (but not limited to): hosting platform, development environment, network configuration. Other self-hosted portal assistance requests (for example, problem with custom widgets) should be submitted on Stack Overflow with the azure-api-management tag. We don't provide support through GitHub Issues.

We welcome and appreciate community contributions. Refer to the contribution guidelines for more information.


The developer portal is published under the MIT license.