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Azure API Management Policy Snippets


The examples/ folder contains policy examples contributed by the product team and the user community. The samples are meant to be re-used verbatim, provide inspiration or serve as learning aids. Some of them are parameterized using Named Values (formerly known as Properties), which look like this: {{some-value}}. When using parametrized samples, you will have to either define relevant Named Values or replace them with values in place.

Policy expressions cheat-sheet

The policy-expressions folder contains a cheat-sheet with common policy expressions that are often used when authoring Azure API Management policies.

Visual Studio Code snippets

The vscode-snippets/ folder contains user snippets for Visual Studio Code. User snippets are helpful for streamlining workflow and simplifying document editing with autocomplete and easy navigation. Please, refer to the Visual Studio Code documentation on how to use them.

Azure API Management VS Code User Snippet 1

Azure API Management VS Code User Snippet 2

Azure API Management VS Code User Snippet 3

Helpful Links

To learn about Azure API Management go here.


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