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Mattermost Team Edition on Kubernetes

This bundle installs the Mattermost Team Edition application into a Kubernetes cluster.

The bundle is based on the official Helm chart for Mattermost Team Edition (more information about the Helm chart can be found on the GitHub page).

Deploy from Azure

You will need to create a service principal in order to use the 'Deploy from Azure' buttons.

For detailed instructions on deploying from Azure, including how to setup the service principal, see Consuming: Deploy from Azure

Simple deployment

Advanced deployment

Deploy from Cloud Shell

For detailed instructions on deploying from Cloud Shell, including how to setup the Cloud Shell environment, see Consuming: Deploy from Cloud Shell

porter install --tag -d azure

Parameters and Credentials

Name Description Default Required
externalDB_enabled Enables use of an preconfigured external database server No
externalDB_externalConnectionString See the section about external databases. No
externalDB_externalDriverType External driver type (postgres or mysql) No
extraEnvVars Extra environments variables to be used in the deployments No
extraInitContainers Additional init containers No
extraPodAnnotations Extra pod annotations to be used in the deployments No
helm_chart_version Version of the mattermost/mattermost-team-edition Helm chart to use for deployment No
image_imagePullPolicy Container image pull policy No
image_repository Container image repository No
image_tag Container image tag No
ingress_annotations Annotations for the ingress No
ingress_enabled If true, an ingress is created No
ingress_hosts A list of ingress hosts No
ingress_path Path of the web server No
ingress_tls A list of ingress tls items No
initContainerImage_imagePullPolicy Container image pull policy No
initContainerImage_repository Init container image repository No
initContainerImage_tag Init container image tag No
installation_name Installation name for Helm deployment No
kubeconfig Yes
mysql_enabled Enables deployment of a mysql server No
mysql_mysqlDatabase Database name (Required) No
mysql_mysqlPassword User Password for Mysql (Required) Yes
mysql_mysqlRootPassword Root Password for Mysql (Optional) No
mysql_mysqlUser Username for Mysql (Required) Yes
namespace Kubernetes namespace for installation No
porter-debug Print debug information from Porter when executing the bundle No
revisionHistoryLimit How many old ReplicaSets for Mattermost Deployment you want to retain No
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