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Wordpress on Kubernetes

This bundle installs the Wordpress application into a Kubernetes cluster.

The bundle is based on the official Helm chart for Wordpress (more information about the Helm chart can be found on the GitHub page).

Deploy from Azure

You will need to create a service principal in order to use the 'Deploy from Azure' buttons.

For detailed instructions on deploying from Azure, including how to setup the service principal, see Consuming: Deploy from Azure

Simple deployment

Advanced deployment

Deploy from Cloud Shell

For detailed instructions on deploying from Cloud Shell, including how to setup the Cloud Shell environment, see Consuming: Deploy from Cloud Shell

porter install --tag -d azure

Parameters and Credentials

Name Description Default Required
affinity Map of node/pod affinities No
allowEmptyPassword Allow DB blank passwords No
allowOverrideNone Set Apache AllowOverride directive to None No
customHTAccessCM Configmap with custom wordpress-htaccess.conf directives No
externalDatabase_database Name of the existing database No
externalDatabase_host Host of the external database No
externalDatabase_password Password for the above username No
externalDatabase_port Database port number No
externalDatabase_user Existing username in the external db No
extraEnv Additional container environment variables No
extraVolumeMounts Additional volume mounts No
extraVolumes Additional volumes No
fullnameOverride String to fully override wordpress.fullname template with a string No
global_imagePullSecrets Global Docker registry secret names as an array No
global_imageRegistry Global Docker image registry No
global_storageClass Global storage class for dynamic provisioning No
healthcheckHttps Use https for liveliness and readiness No
helm_chart_version Version number for the Helm chart No
image_pullPolicy Image pull policy No
image_pullSecrets Specify docker-registry secret names as an array No
image_registry WordPress image registry No
image_repository WordPress image name No
image_tag WordPress image tag No
ingress_annotations Ingress annotations No
ingress_certManager Add annotations for cert-manager No
ingress_enabled Enable ingress controller resource No
ingress_hostname Default host for the ingress resource No
ingress_hosts_0_name Hostname to your Wordpress installation No
ingress_hosts_0_path Path within the url structure No
ingress_secrets TLS Secrets No
ingress_tls_0_hosts_0 TLS hosts No
ingress_tls_0_secretName TLS Secret (certificates) No
installation_name Installation name for Helm deployment No
kubeconfig Yes
livenessProbeHeaders Headers to use for livenessProbe No
livenessProbe_failureThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe No
livenessProbe_initialDelaySeconds Delay before liveness probe is initiated No
livenessProbe_periodSeconds How often to perform the probe No
livenessProbe_successThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe No
livenessProbe_timeoutSeconds When the probe times out No
mariadb_db_name Database name to create No
mariadb_db_password Password for the database No
mariadb_db_user Database user to create No
mariadb_enabled Deploy MariaDB container(s) No
mariadb_rootUser_password MariaDB admin password No
metrics_enabled Start a side-car prometheus exporter No
metrics_image_pullPolicy Image pull policy No
metrics_image_pullSecrets Specify docker-registry secret names as an array No
metrics_image_registry Apache exporter image registry No
metrics_image_repository Apache exporter image name No
metrics_image_tag Apache exporter image tag No
metrics_podAnnotations Additional annotations for Metrics exporter pod No
metrics_resources Exporter resource requests/limit No
metrics_serviceMonitor_additionalLabels Used to pass Labels that are required by the Installed Prometheus Operator No
metrics_serviceMonitor_enabled Create ServiceMonitor Resource for scraping metrics using PrometheusOperator No
metrics_serviceMonitor_honorLabels honorLabels chooses the metric's labels on collisions with target labels. No
metrics_serviceMonitor_interval Specify the interval at which metrics should be scraped No
metrics_serviceMonitor_namespace Namespace where servicemonitor resource should be created No
metrics_serviceMonitor_relabellings Specify Metric Relabellings to add to the scrape endpoint No
metrics_serviceMonitor_scrapeTimeout Specify the timeout after which the scrape is ended No
nameOverride String to partially override wordpress.fullname template with a string (will prepend the release name) No
namespace Kubernetes namespace for installation No
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment No
persistence_accessMode PVC Access Mode No
persistence_enabled Enable persistence using PVC No
persistence_existingClaim Enable persistence using an existing PVC No
persistence_size PVC Storage Request No
persistence_storageClass PVC Storage Class No
podAnnotations Pod annotations No
porter-debug Print debug information from Porter when executing the bundle No
readinessProbeHeaders Headers to use for readinessProbe No
readinessProbe_failureThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe No
readinessProbe_initialDelaySeconds Delay before readiness probe is initiated No
readinessProbe_periodSeconds How often to perform the probe No
readinessProbe_successThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe No
readinessProbe_timeoutSeconds When the probe times out No
replicaCount Number of WordPress Pods to run No
schedulerName Name of the alternate scheduler No
service_annotations Service annotations No
service_externalTrafficPolicy Enable client source IP preservation No
service_extraPorts Extra ports to expose in the service (normally used with the sidecar value) No
service_httpsPort Service HTTPS port No
service_httpsTargetPort Service Target HTTPS port No
service_metricsPort Service Metrics port No
service_nodePorts_http Kubernetes http node port No
service_nodePorts_https Kubernetes https node port No
service_nodePorts_metrics Kubernetes metrics node port No
service_port Service HTTP port No
service_type Kubernetes Service type No
sidecars Attach additional containers to the pod No
smtpHost SMTP host No
smtpPassword SMTP password No
smtpPort SMTP port No
smtpProtocol SMTP protocol [tls, ssl, none] No
smtpUser SMTP user No
smtpUsername User name for SMTP emails No
tolerations List of node taints to tolerate No
updateStrategy Set up update strategy No
wordpressBlogName Blog name No
wordpressEmail Admin email No
wordpressFirstName First name No
wordpressLastName Last name No
wordpressPassword Application password No
wordpressScheme Scheme to generate application URLs [http, https] No
wordpressSkipInstall Skip wizard installation No
wordpressTablePrefix Table prefix No
wordpressUsername User of the application No

Known issues

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