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Register your apps to use an Azure Active Directory Account login


This topic shows you how to register your apps to be able to use Azure Active Directory as an authentication provider for Azure Mobile Services.

Registering your app

[AZURE.NOTE] The steps outlined in this topic are intended to be used with Add Authentication to your Mobile Services app tutorial when you want to use Service-directed login operations with your app. Alternatively, if your app has a requirement for client-directed login operations for Azure Active Directory and a .NET backend mobile service you should start with the Authenticate your app with Active Directory Authentication Library Single Sign-On tutorial.

  1. Log on to the Azure Management Portal, click Mobile Services, and then click your mobile service.

  2. Click the Identity tab for your mobile service.

  3. Scroll down to the Azure active directory identity provider section and copy the APP URL listed there.

  4. Navigate to Active Directory in the management portal, then click your directory.

  5. Click the Applications tab at the top, then click to ADD an app.

  6. Click Add an application my organization is developing.

  7. In the Add Application Wizard, enter a Name for your application and click the Web Application And/Or Web API type. Then click to continue.

  8. In the SIGN-ON URL box, paste the App ID you copied from the Active Directory identity provider settings of your mobile service. Enter the same unique resource identifier in the App ID URI box. Then click to continue.

  9. Once the application has been added, click the Configure tab. Then click to copy the Client ID for the app.

    If you created the mobile service to use the .Net backend for your mobile service, additionally edit the Reply URL under Single Sign-on to be the URL of your mobile service appended with the path, signin-aad. For example,

  10. Return to your mobile service's Identity tab. At the bottom, paste in the Client ID setting for the azure active directory identity provider.

  11. In the Allowed Tenants list, you need to add the domain of the directory in which you registered the application (e.g. You can find your default domain name by clicking the Domains tab on your Active Directory.

    Add your domain name to the Allowed Tenants list then click Save.

You are now ready to use an Azure Active Directory for authentication in your app.

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