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Register your apps for Twitter login with Mobile Services

This topic shows you how to register your apps to be able to use Twitter to authenticate with Azure Mobile Services.

[AZURE.NOTE] This tutorial is about Azure Mobile Services, a solution to help you build scalable mobile applications for any platform. Mobile Services makes it easy to sync data, authenticate users, and send push notifications. This page supports the Get Started with Authentication tutorial which shows how to log users into your app. If this is your first experience with Mobile Services, please complete the tutorial Get Started with Mobile Services.

To complete the procedure in this topic, you must have a Twitter account that has a verified email address. To create a new Twitter account, go to

  1. Navigate to the Twitter Developers website, sign-in with your Twitter account credentials, and click Create a new application.

  2. Type the Name, Description, and Website values for your app, then type the URL of your mobile service appended with the path /login/twitter in Callback URL.

    [AZURE.NOTE]For a .NET backend mobile service published to Azure by using Visual Studio, the redirect URL is the URL of your mobile service appended with the path signin-twitter your mobile service as a .NET service, such as

  3. At the bottom the page, read and accept the terms, type the correct CAPTCHA words, and then click Create your Twitter application.

    This registers the app displays the application details.

  4. Make a note of the values of Consumer key and Consumer secret.

    [AZURE.NOTE] The consumer secret is an important security credential. Do not share this secret with anyone or distribute it with your app.

  5. Click the Settings tab, scroll down and check Allow this application to be used to sign in with Twitter, then click Update this Twitter application's settings.

You are now ready to use a Twitter login for authentication in your app by providing the consumer key and consumer secret values to Mobile Services.

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