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Call Custom API from Azure Mobile Services Client

[AZURE.INCLUDE mobile-services-selector-call-custom-api]

This topic shows you how to call a custom API from an iOS app. A custom API lets you define custom endpoints with server functionality, but it does not map to a database insert, update, delete, or read operation. By using a custom API, you have more control over messaging, including HTTP headers and body format.

The custom API in this topic lets you the completed flag to true for all the todo items in the table. Without this API, individual requests are needed to update the flag for each item, one at a time.

This tutorial uses the app from the Mobile Services Quick Start, so you must complete Mobile Services Quick Start first.

Define Custom API

[AZURE.INCLUDE mobile-services-create-custom-api]

[AZURE.INCLUDE mobile-services-ios-call-custom-api]

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