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Create and Deploy a PHP Website and SQL Database using WebMatrix

This tutorial shows you how to use WebMatrix to develop and deploy a PHP application that uses an Azure SQL Database to an Azure website. WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website development. WebMatrix supports PHP and includes intellisense for PHP development.

This tutorial assumes you have SQL Server Express installed on your computer so that you can test an application locally. However, you can complete the tutorial without having SQL Server Express installed. Instead, you can deploy your application directly to Azure websites.

Upon completing this guide, you will have a PHP-SQL Database website running in Azure.

You will learn:

  • How to create an Azure Website and a SQL Database using the Management Portal. Because PHP is enabled in Azure Websites by default, nothing special is required to run your PHP code.
  • How to develop a PHP application using WebMatrix.
  • How to publish and re-publish your application to Azure using WebMatrix.

By following this tutorial, you will build a simple Tasklist web application in PHP. The application will be hosted in an Azure website. A screenshot of the running application is below:

Azure PHP Web Site

[AZURE.NOTE] To complete this tutorial, you need an Azure account. You can activate your MSDN subscriber benefits or sign up for a free trial.

If you want to get started with Azure Websites before signing up for an account, go to, where you can immediately create a short-lived ASP.NET starter site in Azure Websites for free. No credit card required, no commitments.


  1. Download the Tasklist application files. The Tasklist application is a simple PHP application that allows you to add, mark complete, and delete items from a task list. Task list items are stored in a SQL Database (SQL Server Express for local testing). The application consists of these files:

    • index.php: Displays tasks and provides a form for adding an item to the list.
    • additem.php: Adds an item to the list.
    • getitems.php: Gets all items in the database.
    • markitemcomplete.php: Changes the status of an item to complete.
    • deleteitem.php: Deletes an item.
    • taskmodel.php: Contains functions that add, get, update, and delete items from the database.
    • createtable.php: Creates the SQL Database table for the application. This file will only be called once.
  2. Create a SQL Server database called tasklist. You can do this from the sqlcmd command prompt with these commands:

    >sqlcmd -S <server name>\sqlexpress -U <user name> -P <password>
    1> create database tasklist
    2> GO

    This step is only necessary if you want to test your application locally.

Create a website and SQL Database

  1. Login to the Management Portal.
  2. Click the + New icon on the bottom left of the portal.

    Create New Azure Web Site


    Custom Create a new Web Site

    Enter a value for URL, select Create a New SQL Database from the DATABASE dropdown, and select the data center for your website in the REGION dropdown. Click the arrow at the bottom of the dialog.

    Fill in web site details

  4. Enter a value for the NAME of your database and select NEW SQL Database server. Enter a server login name and password (and confirm the password).Choose the region in which your new SQL Database server will be created.

    Fill in SQL Database settings

    When the website has been created you will see the text Creating Website "[SITENAME]" succeeded. Next, you will get the database connection information.

  5. Click LINKED RESOURCES, then the database's name.

    Linked Resources

  6. Click View connection strings.

    Connection string

From the PHP section of the resulting dialog, make note of the values for UID, PWD, Database, and $serverName. You will use this information later.

Install WebMatrix

You can install WebMatrix from the Management Portal.

  1. After logging in, navigate to your website's Quick Start page, and click the WebMatrix icon at the bottom of the page:

    Install WebMatrix

    Follow the prompts to install WebMatrix.

  2. After WebMatrix is installed, it will attempt to open your site as a WebMatrix project. You can choose to edit your live site directly or download a local copy. For this tutorial, select 'Edit local copy'.

  3. When prompted to download your site, choose Yes, install from the Template Gallery.

    Download web site

  4. From the available templates, choose PHP.

    Site from template

  5. Select the Empty Site template. Provide a name for the site and click NEXT.

    Provide name for site

Your site will be opened on WebMatrix with some default files in place.

Develop your application

In the next few steps you will develop the Tasklist application by adding the files you downloaded earlier and making a few modifications. You could, however, add your own existing files or create new files.

  1. With your site open in WebMatrix, add your application files by clicking Add Existing:

    WebMatrix - Add existing files

    In the resulting dialog, navigate to the files you downloaded earlier, select all of them, and click Open. When prompted, choose to replace the index.php file.

  2. Next, you need to add your local SQL Server database connection information to the taskmodel.php file. Open the taskmodel.php file by double clicking it, and update the database connection information in the connect function. (Note: Jump to Publish Your Application if you do not want to test your application locally and want to instead publish directly to Azure Websites.)

    // DB connection info
    $host = "localhost\sqlexpress";
    $user = "your user name";
    $pwd = "your password";
    $db = "tasklist";

    Save the taskmodel.php file.

  3. For the application to run, the items table needs to be created. Right click the createtable.php file and select Launch in browser. This will launch createtable.php in your browser and execute code that creates the items table in the tasklist database.

    WebMatrix - Launch createtable.php in browser

  4. Now you can test the application locally. Right click the index.php file and select Launch in browser. Test the application by adding items, marking them complete, and deleting them.

Publish your application

Before publishing your application to Azure Websites, the database connection information in taskmodel.php needs to be updated with the connection information you obtained earlier (in the Create an Azure Web Site and SQL Database section).

  1. Open the taskmodel.php file by double clicking it, and update the database connection information in the connect function.

    // DB connection info
    $host = "value of $serverName";
    $user = "value of UID";
    $pwd = "the SQL password you created when creating the website";
    $db = "value of Database";

    Save the taskmodel.php file.

  2. Click Publish in WebMatrix, then click Continue in the Publish Preview dialog.

    WebMatrix - Publish

  3. Navigate to http://[your web site name] to create the items table.

  4. Lastly, navigate to http://[your web site name] to launch the application.

Modify and republish your application

You can easily modify your application by editing the local copy of the site you downloaded earlier and republish or you can make the edit directly in the Remote mode. Here, you will make a simple change to the heading in in the index.php file and save it directly to the live site.

  1. Click on the Remote tab of your site in WebMatrix and select Open Remote View. This will open your remote site for editing directly. WebMatrix - Open Remote View

  2. Open the index.php file by double-clicking it. WebMatrix - Open index file

  3. Change My ToDo List to My Task List in the title and h1 tags and save the file.

  4. When saving has completed, click the Run button to see the changes on the live site. WebMatrix - Launch site in Remote

Next Steps

You've seen how to create and deploy a website from WebMatrix to Azure. To learn more about WebMatrix, check out these resources:

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