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In your back-end app, you now have to switch to sending template notifications instead of native payloads. This will simplify the back-end code as you will not have to send multiple payloads for the different platforms.

When you send template notifications you only need to provide a set of properties, in our case we will send the set of properties containing the localized version of the current news, for instance:

    "News_English": "World News in English!",
    "News_French": "World News in French!",
    "News_Mandarin": "World News in Mandarin!"

This section shows how to send notifications in two different ways:

  • using a console app
  • using a Mobile Services script

The included code broadcasts to both Windows Store and iOS devices, since the backend can broadcast to any of the supported devices.

To send notifications using a C# console app

We will simply modify your SendNotificationAsync method by sending a single template notification.

var hub = NotificationHubClient.CreateClientFromConnectionString("<connection string>", "<hub name>");
var notification = new Dictionary<string, string>() {
                        {"News_English", "World News in English!"},
                        {"News_French", "World News in French!"},
                        {"News_Mandarin", "World News in Mandarin!"}};
await hub.SendTemplateNotificationAsync(notification, "World");

Note that this simple call will deliver the correct localized piece of news to all your devices, irrespective of the platform, as your Notification Hub builds and delivers the correct native payload to all the devices subscribed to a specific tag.

Mobile Services

In your Mobile Service scheduler, overwrite your script with:

var azure = require('azure');
var notificationHubService = azure.createNotificationHubService('<hub name>', '<connection string with full access>');
var notification = {
        "News_English": "World News in English!",
        "News_French": "World News in French!",
        "News_Mandarin", "World News in Mandarin!"
notificationHubService.send('World', notification, function(error) {
    if (!error) {
        console.warn("Notification successful");

Note how in this case there is no need to send multiple notifications for different locales and platforms.

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