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Fixed image links for AUX 4.7.1
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@@ -69,13 +69,13 @@ This section shows you how to log on to the VM so you can manage its settings an
5. Click **Connect** to proceed with the connection process.
- ![Continue with connecting](./media/virtual-machines-log-on-win-server/connectpublisher.png)
+ ![Continue with connecting](./media/virtual-machines-log-on-windows-server/connectpublisher.png)
6. Type the user name and password of the administrative account on the virtual machine, and then click **OK**.
7. Click **Yes** to verify the identity of the virtual machine.
- ![Verify the identity of the machine](./media/virtual-machines-log-on-win-server/connectverify.png)
+ ![Verify the identity of the machine](./media/virtual-machines-log-on-windows-server/connectverify.png)
You can now work with the virtual machine just as you would with any other server.

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