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3 DevCenter/Mobile/Tutorials/
@@ -87,9 +87,8 @@ This concludes the tutorials that demonstrate the basics of working with authent
* [Get started with data]
<br/>Learn more about storing and querying data using Mobile Services.
-<!--* [Get started with push notifications]
+* [Get started with push notifications]
<br/>Learn how to send a very basic push notification to your app.
* [Mobile Services server script reference]
<br/>Learn more about registering and using server scripts.
2 DevCenter/Mobile/Tutorials/
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ Later, you will use this certificate to generate a .p12 file and upload it to Mo
This ensures that the Xcode project uses the new profile for code signing. Next, you must upload the certificate to Mobile Services.
-<a name="configure"></a><h2><span class="short-header">Configure the service</span>Congfigure Mobile Services to send push requests</h2>
+<a name="configure"></a><h2><span class="short-header">Configure the service</span>Configure Mobile Services to send push requests</h2>
After you have registered your app with APNS and configured your project, you must next configure your mobile service to integrate with APNS.
2 DevCenter/Mobile/Tutorials/
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
<properties linkid="develop-mobile-tutorials-send-email-with-sendgrid" urlDisplayName="Send Email Using SendGrid" pageTitle="Send email using SendGrid - Windows Azure Mobile Services" metaKeywords="Windows Azure SendGrid, SendGrid service, Azure emailing, mobile services email" metaDescription="Learn how to use the SendGrid service to send email from your Windows Azure Mobile Services app." metaCanonical="" disqusComments="1" umbracoNaviHide="1" />
+<div title="This is rendered content from macro" class="umbMacroHolder" onresizestart="return false;" umbpageid="15161" umbversionid="f1a70b05-645d-4fcd-bb15-74674509c46a" ismacro="true" umb_chunkpath="devcenter/Menu" umb_modaltrigger="" umb_chunkurl="" umb_hide="0" umb_chunkname="MobileArticleLeft" umb_modalpopup="0" umb_macroalias="AzureChunkDisplayer"><!-- startUmbMacro --><span><strong>Azure Chunk Displayer</strong><br />No macro content available for WYSIWYG editing</span><!-- endUmbMacro --></div>
# Send email from Mobile Services with SendGrid
This topic shows you how can add email functionality to your mobile service. In this tutorial you add server side scripts to send email using SendGrid. When complete, your mobile service will send an email each time a record is inserted.
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