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Thank you for your interest in documentation!

Ways to contribute

You can contribute to Azure documentation in a few different ways:

  • Contribute to a forum discussion.
  • Submit Disqus comments at the bottom of articles.
  • Contribute to articles via the public Azure repo.

Repository organization

The content in the azure-content repository follows the organization of documentation on This repository contains two root folders:


The \articles folder contains the documentation articles formatted as markdown files with an .md extension. Articles are published to in the path{article-name-without-md}/.

  • Article filenames: Begin with the service name, such as hdinsight, and include the development language and a description of the subject matter. Use all lowercase letters and dashes (-) to separate the words.

  • Media subfolders: The \articles folder contains the \media folder, inside which are subfolders with the images for each article. The article image folders are named identically to the article file, minus the .md file extension.


Content authors can create reusable content sections to be included into one or more articles. An include file is simple markdown (.md) file that can contain any valid markdown content including text, links, and images. All include markdown files must be contained in the \includes directory in the root of this repository.

  • Media subfolders: The \includes folder contains a \media folder, inside which are folders for the images in each include. The includes image folders are named identically to the include file, minus the .md file extension.

More guidance for contributors

For more guidance on contributing to articles on, see in this repo.

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