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Jenkins groovy script to build and push a Docker container


Sample Jenkins pipeline that clones a git repository, builds the docker container defined in the Docker file and pushes that container to a private container registry. The Jenkins Job that uses this groovy script must have these parameters defined:

Jenkins job parameters Description
git_repo A public git repository that has a Dockerfile
docker_repository The container repository
registry_url The Docker private container registry url
registry_credentials_id The Jenkins credentials id that stores the user name and password for the Docker private container registry

Add a Docker Build job in an existing Jenkins instance

Bash script that adds a Docker Build job in an existing Jenkins instance. The created job will use the basic-docker-build.groovy script.

Disable security for a Jenkins instance

Bash script that disables the security of a Jenkins instance.

If you accidentally set up security realm / authorization in such a way that you may no longer able to reconfigure Jenkins you can use this script to disable security.

Don't make your instance publicly available when running this script! Anyone can access your unsecure Jenkins instance! For more informations see the Jenkins documentation

Install Jenkins Bash script that installs Jenkins on a Linux VM and exposes it to the public through port 80 (login and cli are disabled).

Install Jenkins plugins Bash script that runs a Jenkins cli command.


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