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Azure DevTest Labs Community

This is a public, community-contributed repository that contains:

  • Artifacts for Azure DevTest Labs: These artifacts can be deployed onto VMs in Azure DevTest Labs in the new Azure portal.

  • Azure Resource Manager Quickstart Templates for Azure DevTest Labs: These templates help with creation and deployment of resources related to Azure DevTest Labs (e.g. Labs, VMs and VM templates etc).

  • Open Source Code of Conduct: This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

Artifacts Authoring:

  • Please see the document 'AUTHORING' in the Documentation folder for details.

Contributions guidelines:

  • Every artifact should be contained in its own folder under the Artifacts folder.

  • The artifact definition file should be named Artifactfile.json. The name of the artifact that shows up in Azure DevTest Labs is from the title field in the artifact definition.

  • All dependencies of the artifact (such as scripts, icons etc) should be included in the artifact folder itself.

  • All references to icons must use SSL, otherwise they will not load in the Azure portal.

  • It is highly recommended that a file be included to explain how the artifact works and how to troubleshoot any failures.

  • For authors who create the artifact and take responsibility of maintaining it, it is encouraged to add your name in the "publisher" field while authoring artifacts.

Azure Resource Manager Quickstart Templates

  • The latest, developer versions of the Azure Resource Manager Quickstart Templates for Azure DevTest Labs can be found in the 'ARMTemplates' folder of this repo.


Some useful scripts, related to Azure DevTest labs can be found in the 'scripts' folder.