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Importing Virtual Machines into a DevTest Lab

Azure DevTest Labs is now able to copy or move a Virtual Machine from one lab to another! This is done through the new "ImportVirtualMachine" action provided in the DevTest Labs Rest API.

The Rest API enables copying a single virtual machine from one lab to another and optionally renaming the virtual machine. The ImportVirtualMachines.ps1 powershell script automates this process allowing you to import a single virtual machine or ALL the virtual machines in a lab.

There are two important caveats in using this script:

  • The source DevTest Lab and destination DevTest Lab must be in a subscription associated to the same Azure Active Directory tenant
  • The virtual machine in the source lab must NOT be in a 'claimable' state

To learn more about this feature and scenarios where it's used, see blog post Importing Virtual Machines.

If you're using Powershell 5 please use "ImportVirtualMachines.ps1", for Powershell 6 please use "ImportVirtualMachines_ps6.ps1".

The syntax of the script is as follows:

# Import ALL the virtual machines from the Source lab into the Destination lab
.\ImportVirtualMachines.ps1 -SourceSubscriptionId "a9af5216-f1fb-420e-a146-3fdd011b696e" `
                            -SourceDevTestLabName "TeamA_DevResources" `
                            -DestinationSubscriptionId "cf7d95cd-57fc-4713-b0c1-db9d9b633b67" `
                            -DestinationDevTestLabName "TeamB"

# Import a single virtual machine Source lab into the Destination lab and rename it during import
.\ImportVirtualMachines.ps1 -SourceSubscriptionId "a9af5216-f1fb-420e-a146-3fdd011b696e" `
                            -SourceDevTestLabName "TeamA_DevResources" `
                            -SourceVirtualMachineName "MyCustomDevBox" `
                            -DestinationSubscriptionId "cf7d95cd-57fc-4713-b0c1-db9d9b633b67" `
                            -DestinationDevTestLabName "TeamB" `
                            -DestinationVirtualMachineName "PersonalDevBox"