.NET SDK should provide information on performed retries #225

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bpatra commented Mar 15, 2017

Since version 1.8.0 the DocumentDB SDK handles retries of throttled request itself and that is great.

But if a query is successful but needed retries, all information like the number of throttled request needed or other info such as retry-after, RUs consumed etc. are all swallowed by .NET SDK.

Monitoring an "in production app" is really difficult because all such information are vital for understanding the app RUs consumption. Retrieving the payload (where the information is) of such 429 is quite complex because you need to use some kind of proxy.

It would be nice if an array of ThrottledRequestInfo could be added to the response object.
The ThrottledRequestInfo class may contain fields like .RetryAfter .RequestCharge RequestResponseDuration etc.

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