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birdayz and sjkwak Fix java compile errors (#410)
* set correct maven artifactId/groupId

the previous artifactId simplesend was a copy paste error,
leading to failed compilation with maven as two modules with the
same name is not allowed.

* adjust code to azure-eventhubs >1.0.0

the code doesn't compile with these adjustments as the API has changed since 0.15.1
Latest commit e14317f Jul 16, 2018


Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

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We're happy to host our client SDKs and integrations on GitHub as free, open-source projects. We currently support:

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, go to the respective repo and file an issue. Your involvement is welcome and encouraged!

What is Event Hubs?

Azure Event Hubs is a hyper-scale data ingestion service, fully-managed by Microsoft, that enables you to collect, store and process trillions of events from websites, apps, IoT devices, and any stream of data. To learn more, please visit our marketing page.