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This repo contains the base Docker images for working with azure functions


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V4 Images

See release artifacts for Dockerfiles - example :

Information about how we keep our images up to date can be found in the wiki


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4 Debian 11
4-slim Debian 11
4-appservice Debian 11
4-appservice-quickstart Debian 11

Tags OS Version
4-dotnet-isolated6.0 Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated6.0-slim Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated6.0-appservice Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated6.0-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated7.0 Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated7.0-slim Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated7.0-appservice Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated7.0-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-dotnet-isolated8.0 Debian 12
4-dotnet-isolated8.0-slim Debian 12
4-dotnet-isolated8.0-appservice Debian 12


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4-node14 Debian 11
4-node14-slim Debian 11
4-node14-appservice Debian 11
4-node14-core-tools Debian 11
4-node14-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-node16 Debian 11
4-node16-slim Debian 11
4-node16-appservice Debian 11
4-node16-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-node18 Debian 11
4-node18-slim Debian 11
4-node18-appservice Debian 11
4-node18-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-node20 Debian 11
4-node20-slim Debian 11
4-node20-appservice Debian 11


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4-powershell7.2 Debian 11
4-powershell7.2-slim Debian 11
4-powershell7.2-appservice Debian 11
4-powershell7.2-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-powershell7.4 Debian 12


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4-java8 Debian 11
4-java8-slim Debian 11
4-java8-appservice Debian 11
4-java8-build Debian 11
4-java11 Debian 11
4-java11-slim Debian 11
4-java11-appservice Debian 11
4-java11-build Debian 11
4-java17 Debian 11
4-java17-slim Debian 11
4-java17-appservice Debian 11
4-java17-build Debian 11
4-java17-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-java21 Debian 12
4-java21-slim Debian 12
4-java21-appservice Debian 12
4-java21-build Debian 12
4-java21-appservice-quickstart Debian 12


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4-python3.7 Debian 11
4-python3.7-slim Debian 11
4-python3.7-appservice Debian 11
4-python3.7-buildenv Debian 11
4-python3.7-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-python3.8 Debian 11
4-python3.8-slim Debian 11
4-python3.8-appservice Debian 11
4-python3.8-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-python3.8-buildenv Debian 11
4-python3.9 Debian 11
4-python3.9-slim Debian 11
4-python3.9-appservice Debian 11
4-python3.9-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-python3.9-buildenv Debian 11
4-python3.10 Debian 11
4-python3.10-slim Debian 11
4-python3.10-appservice Debian 11
4-python3.10-buildenv Debian 11
4-python3.10-appservice-quickstart Debian 11
4-python3.11 Debian 11
4-python3.11-slim Debian 11
4-python3.11-appservice Debian 11
4-python3.11-buildenv Debian 11
4-python3.11-appservice-quickstart Debian 11


Linux amd64 Tags

Tags OS Version
4 Debian 11
4-slim Debian 11
4-appservice Debian 11

MCR Docs

For new images update the following:


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