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The v1.8.0 release contains several features and bug fixes. Most of the bug fixes are related to reliability and error handling. All new features in this release were developed by external contributors, who are called out below (some of whom are first time contributors).

Thanks for all those who helped make this release possible with great contributions and/or bug reports!

New features / enhancements

Bug fixes

  • FunctionFailedException.InnerException is always of type System.Exception (#361) - contributed by @shibayan
  • Failed to deserialize exception from TaskActivity (#459) - contributed by @shibayan
  • Sub-orchestration's FunctionFailedException.InnerException is null (#643) - contributed by @shibayan
  • Orchestrator function 'XXX' does not exist error message during worker instance shutdown (#348, #577)
  • DurableOrchestrationClientBase appears to have internal type in public method return type (#633)
  • Some exceptions do not deserialize correctly (#313)
  • Race conditions causing external events to be dropped (#573, #515, #378, #67)
  • Log spam: Function failures always being logged on replays (#585, #588)
  • JavaScript orchestrators sometimes complete early

Installation Instructions

The latest nuget package can be downloaded here: Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.DurableTask. The package is digitally signed by Microsoft to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

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