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In this release:

  • allow -1 for in host.json to indicate unbounded timeout in Dedicated
  • Fix for DurableTask SyncTriggers config parsing/Scaling
  • Support for configuring HSTS (#4069)
  • Add support for VFS API relative pathing
  • Increase ANCM startup time limit. Fixes #4393
  • Fix for Python worker HTTP raw body issue (Azure/azure-functions-python-worker#380)
  • Processing ActionResult properly. Fixes #4369
  • Other fixes/optimizations
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Jun 18, 2019
Add IsProxy on RpcFunctionMetadata (#4582)
* Update proto file to v1.2.0-protofile

* Set IsProxy on RpcFunctionMetadata as of FunctionLoadRequest

@brettsam brettsam released this Jun 5, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

Deployment completed

Release Notes

  • Application Insights telemetry customDimensions dictionary now contains HostInstanceId. This is a unique id given to each Functions host. (#4501)
  • [Bug Fix] Application Insights telemetry could have the incorrect operation id when running on consumption plan. This affected TimerTrigger, EventHubTrigger. (#4461)

Visual Studio Availability

Visual Studio updates will be released soon.

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May 30, 2019
Enable SyncTriggers extended format

@mhoeger mhoeger released this May 17, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

  • [Linux] Enable mounting of user code package (#4373)
  • [Java] Azure Functions Java Worker 1.4.1 (Release Notes)
  • [PowerShell] Azure Functions PowerShell Worker 0.1.102-preview (Release Notes)
  • [Node.js] Azure Functions Node.js Worker 1.0.3 (Release Notes)
  • Sync function triggers on slot swap (#4402) and improve monitoring/diagnostic logs (#4401)
  • Multiple language worker support (#4161)
    • Process count is configurable by AppSetting: FUNCTIONS_WORKER_PROCESS_COUNT
  • [Bug Fix] Process management improvements around node.exe, python.exe, and java.exe
  • [Bug Fix] Accept functionTimeout: null as a valid host.json configuration (#4373)
  • [Bug Fix] Stop infinite recursion in extensions metadata generation on publish (#4055)
  • [Bug Fix] Do not fail function when HTTP header 'request-context' is explicitly set (#4358)
  • [Bug Fix] Fix for function apps encountering container disposed error when accessing master key (#4406)

Visual Studio Availability

This release has been made available to Visual Studio users. When running a V2 Function App project locally, you can verify if you are running this version by checking for the following in the console output:

Azure Functions Core Tools (XXX Commit hash: XXX)
Function Runtime Version: 2.0.12493.0

Appveyor build

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May 24, 2019
Enable SyncTriggers cache; Support Disable Config
May 17, 2019
Do not raise events from language worker channel when disposing (#4468)

@ankitkumarr ankitkumarr released this May 16, 2019 · 1 commit to v1.x since this release

Release Notes

  • [SyncTriggers] Improve SyncTriggers Logging and Monitoring (#4401), and add internal auth for SyncTriggers call (#4467)
  • Add logic to register DELETE endpoints from extension webhooks (#4308)
  • Fix WEBSITE_HOSTNAME going out of sync in slot swap (#4162)
  • [SyncTriggers] Add SyncTriggers support to the v1 runtime, including background sync triggers (#4325)
  • [AppInsights] Bump MaxTelemetryItemsPerSecond default to 20 (#3806)
  • Fix size of keys growing during snapshot/refresh if they fail to decrpyt (#3034)

Appveyor build

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May 16, 2019
Validate zip setting inputs (#4455)
* checking if valid zip setting before returning iszipdeployment of true

* addin tests

* rename test method to be more precise
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