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@mathewc mathewc released this Sep 20, 2016 · 1512 commits to dev since this release

Main things in this release are called out below.

  • Enabling function timeouts (#18)
    • Default execution timeout of 5 minutes is enforced. If a function runs longer than that it will be terminated.
    • timeout is only enforced on Dynamic SKUs
    • timeout can be configured via functionTimeout property in host.json
  • Imposing some naming restrictions on function names + binding names (#15). See Renaming a Function for instructions on renaming if you have a name that doesn't match the new rules.
  • Support for function return bindings (#675)
    • naming an output binding $return maps it to the function return value
    • for C#/F#/Node, this allows simpler, more idiomatic code to be written (i.e. no out/byref parameters required)
  • Allow Node.js functions to return Promises (#158)
  • Moved to Node.js version 6.5.0
  • EventHub Consumer group fix (#570)
  • Binding fixes for ManualTrigger (#628)
  • lots of additional bug fixes
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