Sharing Your Function App name privately

Paul Batum edited this page Apr 18, 2017 · 7 revisions

In many cases, for the Azure Functions team to properly investigate an issue with a Function App, we need to know your Function App name. If you are fine sharing your site name publicly (e.g., then you can just do that.

However, if you prefer not to share it publicly on the forum or in a Github issue (which we fully understand), there is an alternate way that will allow the team to know your app name without revealing it to others:

  • In the portal manually run one of your functions
  • In the log stream output the invocation will log a message like 2017-03-07T20:44:04.401 Function started (Id=561d7a18-2664-4807-b142-ee3738472667) (See image below)
  • Share this UTC execution time and execution Id value and the Region your Function App is in. Those 3 pieces of information are enough for us to look up your details, and they do not reveal anything of interest to anyone but the Azure Functions team (so there is no concern about posting them publicly).

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