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CocoaPods for Microsoft Azure IoT

The Microsoft Azure IoT C SDK is available as five Objective-C CocoaPods:


Samples in Swift for iOS are here.

Using Azure IoT CocoaPods with Objective-C

Using Objective-C libraries within another Objective-C app or library requires setting up header search paths just like typical C libraries require

The header search path values you'll need to set for the Azure IoT CocoaPods are:

  • ${PODS_ROOT}/AzureIoTHubClient/inc/
  • ${PODS_ROOT}/AzureIoTHubServiceClient/inc/
  • ${PODS_ROOT}/AzureIoTUtility/inc/
  • ${PODS_ROOT}/AzureIoTuMqtt/inc/
  • ${PODS_ROOT}/AzureIoTuAmqp/inc/

Using Azure IoT CocoaPods with Swift

Swift apps and libraries can use Azure IoT CocoaPods with standard Swift imports:

  • import AzureIoTHubClient
  • import AzureIoTHubServiceClient
  • import AzureIoTuAmqp
  • import AzureIoTuMqtt
  • import AzureIoTUtility