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Microsoft Azure Kusto (Azure Data Explorer) SDK for Python

azure-kusto-data Package provides the capability to query Kusto clusters with Python.
PyPI version Downloads
azure-kusto-ingest Package allows sending data to Kusto service - i.e. ingest data.
PyPI version Downloads


Option 1: Via PyPi

To install via the Python Package Index (PyPI), type:

  • pip install azure-kusto-data
  • pip install azure-kusto-ingest

Option 2: Source Via Git

To get the source code of the SDK via git just type:

git clone
cd ./azure-kusto-python/azure-kusto-data
python3 install
cd ../azure-kusto-ingest
python3 install

Option 3: Source Zip

Download a zip of the code via GitHub or PyPi. Then follow the same instructions in option 2.


  • Pandas - Package provides extra functionality for use with pandas. Since these are optional dependencies, install with pandas:
    • pip install azure-kusto-data[pandas]
    • pip install azure-kusto-ingest[pandas]

Minimum Requirements

  • Python 3.5 and above
  • See for dependencies

Authentication methods:

  • AAD Username/password - Provide your AAD username and password to Kusto client (check the notice below).
  • AAD application - Provide app ID and app secret to Kusto client.
  • AAD code - Provide only your AAD username, and authenticate yourself using a code, generated by ADAL.
  • AZ CLI - For those already using azure-cli, provide access token for the logged in user`.

<!> IMPORTANT NOTICE <!>: User authentication (using username and password) has a major caveat: Sometimes users are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication. In such a case, this flow won't work for them. It is a limitation of the AAD library we are using under the hood. There are several bugs reported.

There is also a feature request for the adal team to work on implementing IWA (Intergrated Windows Auth) so that signed in users won't have to authenticate. Feel free to upvote if it is relevant in your case.


Best Practices

See the SDK best practices guide, which though written for the .NET SDK, applies similarly here.

Need Support?

  • Have a feature request for SDKs? Please post it on User Voice to help us prioritize
  • Have a technical question? Ask on Stack Overflow with tag "azure-data-explorer"
  • Need Support? Every customer with an active Azure subscription has access to support with guaranteed response time. Consider submitting a ticket and get assistance from Microsoft support team
  • Found a bug? Please help us fix it by thoroughly documenting it and filing an issue.

Looking for SDKs for other languages/platforms?


We gladly accept community contributions.

  • Issues: Please report bugs using the Issues section of GitHub
  • Forums: Interact with the development teams on StackOverflow or the Microsoft Azure Forums
  • Source Code Contributions: If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please follow the instructions provided in

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

For general suggestions about Microsoft Azure please use our UserVoice forum.