WindowsAzureMessaging framework is missing #232

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Source like SBNotificationHub.m to build the WindowsAzureMessaging framework are missing.

The azuresdk-iOS-v1.1.3 contains a binary of this framework that does not support the arm64 architecture. Rebuilding does not work with these SDK sources.


Either update the download with arm64 support or provide the source so we can build ourselves.


We will be releasing a version with arm64 support by the end of the week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Notification Hubs SDK source is now up on the Azure/azure-notificationhubs repo. Can you open this bug there if arm64 support hasn't been added?


Please file in notification hubs repo.

@yavorg yavorg closed this Apr 7, 2014

i know that the issue has been closed, but the release 1.1.5 doesn't have arm64 support .
did i miss anything?

solved : i had to compile the source of notifHub in order to have a x64 support :


Yes, we closed this one asking it to be opened on that repo. Going forward, messaging will not ship as part of mobile services zip file but should have its own first class download. We are also working on including the relevant portions directly in our iOS SDK so you don't need 2 frameworks when using mobile services.

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