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Notification.php Added Java and PHP REST wrappers Jul 8, 2014
NotificationHub.php Update Dec 10, 2015

Notification Hubs REST wrapper for PHP

This is a sample implementation of a REST wrapper for sending notifications with Notification Hubs using the REST APIs of Notification Hubs from a PHP back-end.

How to use the code above

Initialize your Notification Hubs client (substitute the connection string and hub name as instructed in the Get started tutorial):

$hub = new NotificationHub("connection string", "hubname"); 

Then add the send code depending on your target mobile platform.

Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1 (non-Silverlight)

$toast = '<toast><visual><binding template="ToastText01"><text id="1">Hello from PHP!</text></binding></visual></toast>';
$notification = new Notification("windows", $toast);
$notification->headers[] = 'X-WNS-Type: wns/toast';
$hub->sendNotification($notification, null);


$alert = '{"aps":{"alert":"Hello from PHP!"}}';
$notification = new Notification("apple", $alert);
$hub->sendNotification($notification, null);


$message = '{"data":{"message":"Hello from PHP!"}}';
$notification = new Notification("gcm", $message);
$hub->sendNotification($notification, null);

Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 Silverlight

$toast = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>' .
            '<wp:Notification xmlns:wp="WPNotification">' .
               '<wp:Toast>' .
                    '<wp:Text1>Hello from PHP!</wp:Text1>' .
               '</wp:Toast> ' .
$notification = new Notification("mpns", $toast);
$notification->headers[] = 'X-WindowsPhone-Target : toast';
$notification->headers[] = 'X-NotificationClass : 2';
$hub->sendNotification($notification, null);

Kindle Fire

$message = '{"data":{"msg":"Hello from PHP!"}}';
$notification = new Notification("adm", $message);
$hub->sendNotification($notification, null);

Registration management

For registration management you have to follow the content formats shown in the REST APIs of Notification Hubs, and probably do some xml parsing is case of GETs. Be warned that element order is important and things will not work if the element are out of order.


This code is provided as-is with no guarantees.

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