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Azure PowerShell Modules

Rollup Module

Description Module Name PowerShell Gallery Link
Azure PowerShell Az Az

Service Modules

Azure Service Module Name PowerShell Gallery Link
Accounts Az.Accounts Accounts
Kubernetes Service Az.Aks Aks
Analysis Services Az.AnalysisServices AnalysisServices
API Management Az.ApiManagement ApiManagement
Application Insights Az.ApplicationInsights ApplicationInsights
Automation Az.Automation Automation
Batch Az.Batch Batch
Billing Az.Billing Billing
Content Delivery Network Az.Cdn Cdn
Cognitive Services Az.CognitiveServices CognitiveServices
Compute Az.Compute Compute
Container Instance Az.ContainerInstance ContainerInstance
Container Registry Az.ContainerRegistry ContainerRegistry
Data Factory Az.DataFactory DataFactory
Data Lake Analytics Az.DataLakeAnalytics DataLakeAnalytics
Data Lake Store Az.DataLakeStore DataLakeStore
Data Migration Az.DataMigration DataMigration
Device Provisioning Services Az.DeviceProvisioningServices DeviceProvisioningServices
Dev Spaces Az.DevSpaces DevSpaces
DevTest Labs Az.DevTestLabs DevTestLabs
DNS Az.Dns Dns
Event Grid Az.EventGrid EventGrid
Event Hubs Az.EventHub EventHub
Front Door Az.FrontDoor FrontDoor
HDInsight Az.HDInsight HDInsight
IoT Central Az.IotCentral IotCentral
IoT Hub Az.IotHub IotHub
Key Vault Az.KeyVault KeyVault
Logic App Az.LogicApp LogicApp
Machine Learning Az.MachineLearning MachineLearning
Managed Service Identity Az.ManagedServiceIdentity ManagedServiceIdentity
Management Partner Az.ManagementPartner ManagementPartner
Maps Az.Maps Maps
Marketplace Ordering Az.MarketplaceOrdering MarketplaceOrdering
Media Az.Media Media
Monitor Az.Monitor Monitor
Network Az.Network Network
Notification Hubs Az.NotificationHubs NotificationHubs
Operational Insights Az.OperationalInsights OperationalInsights
Policy Insights Az.PolicyInsights PolicyInsights
Power BI Embedded Az.PowerBIEmbedded PowerBIEmbedded
Recovery Services Az.RecoveryServices RecoveryServices
Redis Cache Az.RedisCache RedisCache
Relay Az.Relay Relay
Reservations Az.Reservations Reservations
Resource Graph Az.ResourceGraph ResourceGraph
Resources Az.Resources Resources
Search Az.Search Search
Security Az.Security Security
Service Bus Az.ServiceBus ServiceBus
Service Fabric Az.ServiceFabric ServiceFabric
SignalR Az.SignalR SignalR
SQL Az.Sql Sql
Storage Az.Storage Storage
File Sync Az.StorageSync StorageSync
Stream Analytics Az.StreamAnalytics StreamAnalytics
Subscription Az.Subscription Subscription
Traffic Manager Az.TrafficManager TrafficManager
Web App Service Az.Websites Websites
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