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@erich-wang erich-wang released this Aug 23, 2019 · 2 commits to release-2019-08-27 since this release

Az 2.6.0

Gallery Module for ARM .NET Standard cmdlets: link

To install Az from the PowerShell Gallery, run the following command:

Install-Module -Name Az -Repository PSGallery -Force

To update from an older version of Az, run the following command:

Update-Module -Name Az

Changes since last release


  • Fixed miscellaneous typos across numerous modules


  • Added support for user-assigned MSI in Azure Functions authentication (#9479)


  • Fixed issue with output for 'Get-AzAks' (#9847)


  • Fixed issue with whitespace in productId, apiId, groupId, userId (#9351)
  • Get-AzApiManagementProduct - Added support for querying products using API (#9482)
  • New-AzApiManagementApiRevision - Fixed issue where ApiRevisionDescription was not set when creating new API revision (#9752)
  • Fixed typo in model PsApiManagementOAuth2AuthrozationServer to PsApiManagementOAuth2AuthorizationServer


  • Fixed typos in help message and documentation


  • Fixed a typo in CDN module conversion helper


  • Added VmssId to New-AzVMConfig cmdlet
  • Added TerminateScheduledEvents and TerminateScheduledEventNotBeforeTimeoutInMinutes parameters to New-AzVmssConfig and Update-AzVmss
  • Added HyperVGeneration property to VM image object
  • Added Host and HostGroup features
    • New cmdlets:
      • New-AzHostGroup
      • New-AzHost
      • Get-AzHostGroup
      • Get-AzHost
      • Remove-AzHostGroup
      • Remove-AzHost
    • Added HostId parameter to New-AzVMConfig and New-AzVM
  • Updated example in Invoke-AzVMRunCommand documentation to use correct parameter name
  • Updated -VolumeType description in Set-AzVMDiskEncryptionExtension and Set-AzVmssDiskEncryptionExtension reference documentation


  • Fixed typos in New-AzDataFactoryEncryptValue documentation
  • Updated ADF .Net SDK version to 4.1.2
  • Added parameters to Set-AzureRmDataFactoryV2IntegrationRuntime to enable Self-Hosted Integration Runtime as a proxy for SSIS Integration Runtime:
    • DataProxyIntegrationRuntimeName
    • DataProxyStagingLinkedServiceName
    • DataProxyStagingPath
  • Updated PSTriggerRun to show the triggered pipelines, message and properties, and PSActivityRun to show the activity type


  • Fixed issue where Get-DataLakeStoreDeletedItem would hang on errors and remote exceptions


  • Fixed typo VirtualNteworkRule in Set-AzEventHubNetworkRuleSet (#9658)
  • Fixed issue where Set-AzEventHubNamespace used PATCH instead of PUT (#9558)
  • Added EnableKafka parameter to Set-AzEventHubNamespace cmdlet
  • Fixed issue with creating rules with Listen rights (#9786)


  • Fixed documentation typos


  • Fixed incorrect parameter name in help documentation


  • Updated New-AzPrivateLinkServiceIpConfig:
    • Deprecated the parameter PublicIpAddress since this is never used in the server side.
    • Added optional parameter Primary that indicates if the current IP configuration is the primary one
  • Improved handling of request error exception from SDK
  • Fixed validation logic for Ipv6 IP Prefix to check for correct IPv6 prefix length
  • Added parameter set to get by subnet resource id to Get-AzVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig
  • Updated description of Location parameter for AzNetworkServiceTag


  • Updated documentation for New-AzOperationalInsightsLinuxSyslogDataSource:
    • Added example
    • Updated description for -Name parameter
  • Added an example for New-AzOperationalInsightsWindowsEventDataSource
  • Changed the description of the -Name parameter for New-AzOperationalInsightsWindowsEventDataSource


  • Updated documentation for Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupJobDetail


  • Added support for new API version 2019-05-10 for Microsoft.Resource
    • Add support for 'copy.count = 0' for variables, resources and properties
    • Resources with 'condition = false' or 'copy.count = 0' will be deleted in complete mode
  • Added an example of assigning policy at the subscription level


  • Fixed typo VirtualNetworkRule parameter in Set-AzServiceBusNetworkRuleSet Fix for issue #9658 : Typo
  • Fixed issue with creating Listen-only rules (#9786)
  • Added new command Test-AzServiceBusNameAvailability to check the name availability for queue and topic


  • Fixed NullReferenceException when a resource group has a VMSS not related to the service fabric cluster (#8681)
  • Fixed bug where cmdlets failed if virtualNetwork was in a different resource group than the cluster (#8407)
  • Deprecated Add-AzServiceFabricApplicationCertificate cmdlet


  • Updated documentation for old Auditing cmdlets


  • Updated help for Close-AzStorageFileHandle and Get-AzStorageFileHandle, added more scenarios to cmdlet examples and updated parameter descriptions
  • Added support for StandardBlobTier in blob uploads and copies
  • Added support for Rehydrate priority in blob copy


  • Added clarification around -AppSettings parameter for Set-AzWebApp and Set-AzWebAppSlot
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