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@wyunchi-ms wyunchi-ms released this Oct 30, 2019

Az 3.0.0

Gallery Module for ARM .NET Standard cmdlets: link

Migration Guide for Az 3.0: link

To install Az from the PowerShell Gallery, run the following command:

Install-Module -Name Az -Repository PSGallery -Force

To update from an older version of Az, run the following command:

Update-Module -Name Az

Changes since last release


  • Az.PrivateDns 1.0.0 released


  • Add a deprecation message for 'Resolve-Error' alias.


  • Added new category 'Operational Excellence' to Get-AzAdvisorRecommendation cmdlet.


  • Renamed CoreQuota on BatchAccountContext to DedicatedCoreQuota. There is also a new LowPriorityCoreQuota.
    • This impacts Get-AzBatchAccount.
  • New-AzBatchTask -ResourceFile parameter now takes a collection of PSResourceFile objects, which can be constructed using the new New-AzBatchResourceFile cmdlet.
  • New New-AzBatchResourceFile cmdlet to help create PSResourceFile objects. These can be supplied to New-AzBatchTask on the -ResourceFile parameter.
    • This supports two new kinds of resource file in addition to the existing HttpUrl way:
      • AutoStorageContainerName based resource files download an entire auto-storage container to the Batch node.
      • StorageContainerUrl based resource files download the container specified in the URL to the Batch node.
  • Removed ApplicationPackages property of PSApplication returned by Get-AzBatchApplication.
    • The specific packages inside of an application now can be retrieved using Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage. For example: Get-AzBatchApplication -AccountName myaccount -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -ApplicationId myapplication.
  • Renamed ApplicationId to ApplicationName on Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage, New-AzBatchApplicationPackage, Remove-AzBatchApplicationPackage, Get-AzBatchApplication, New-AzBatchApplication, Remove-AzBatchApplication, and Set-AzBatchApplication.
    • ApplicationId now is an alias of ApplicationName.
  • Added new PSWindowsUserConfiguration property to PSUserAccount.
  • Renamed Version to Name on PSApplicationPackage.
  • Renamed BlobSource to HttpUrl on PSResourceFile.
  • Removed OSDisk property from PSVirtualMachineConfiguration.
  • Removed Set-AzBatchPoolOSVersion. This operation is no longer supported.
  • Removed TargetOSVersion from PSCloudServiceConfiguration.
  • Renamed CurrentOSVersion to OSVersion on PSCloudServiceConfiguration.
  • Removed DataEgressGiB and DataIngressGiB from PSPoolUsageMetrics.
  • Removed Get-AzBatchNodeAgentSku and replaced it with Get-AzBatchSupportedImage.
    • Get-AzBatchSupportedImage returns the same data as Get-AzBatchNodeAgentSku but in a more friendly format.
    • New non-verified images are also now returned. Additional information about Capabilities and BatchSupportEndOfLife for each image is also included.
  • Added ability to mount remote file-systems on each node of a pool via the new MountConfiguration parameter of New-AzBatchPool.
  • Now support network security rules blocking network access to a pool based on the source port of the traffic. This is done via the SourcePortRanges property on PSNetworkSecurityGroupRule.
  • When running a container, Batch now supports executing the task in the container working directory or in the Batch task working directory. This is controlled by the WorkingDirectory property on PSTaskContainerSettings.
  • Added ability to specify a collection of public IPs on PSNetworkConfiguration via the new PublicIPs property. This guarantees nodes in the Pool will have an IP from the list user provided IPs.
  • When not specified, the default value of WaitForSuccess on PSSTartTask is now $True (was $False).
  • When not specified, the default value of Scope on PSAutoUserSpecification is now Pool (was Task on Windows and Pool on Linux).


  • Introduced UrlRewriteAction and CacheKeyQueryStringAction to RulesEngine.
  • Fixed several bugs like missing 'Selector' Input in New-AzDeliveryRuleCondition cmdlet.


  • Disk Encryption Set feature
    • New cmdlets:
    • DiskEncryptionSetId parameter is added to the following cmdlets:
    • DiskEncryptionSetId and EncryptionType parameters are added to the following cmdlets:
  • Add PublicIPAddressVersion parameter to New-AzVmssIPConfig
  • Move FileUris of custom script extension from public setting to protected setting
  • Add ScaleInPolicy to New-AzVmss, New-AzVmssConfig and Update-AzVmss cmdlets
  • Breaking changes
    • UploadSizeInBytes parameter is used instead of DiskSizeGB for New-AzDiskConfig when CreateOption is Upload
    • PublishingProfile.Source.ManagedImage.Id is replaced with StorageProfile.Source.Id in GalleryImageVersion object


  • Update ADF .Net SDK version to 4.3.0



  • Fixed miscellaneous typos across module


  • Fixed the bug that customer will get 'Not a valid Base-64 string' error when using Get-AzHDInsightCluster to get the cluster with ADLSGen1 storage.
  • Add a parameter named 'ApplicationId' to three cmdlets Add-AzHDInsightClusterIdentity, New-AzHDInsightClusterConfig and New-AzHDInsightCluster so that customer can provide the service principal application id for accessing Azure Data Lake.
  • Changed Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight from 2.1.0 to 5.1.0
  • Removed five cmdlets:
    • Get-AzHDInsightOMS
    • Enable-AzHDInsightOMS
    • Disable-AzHDInsightOMS
    • Grant-AzHDInsightRdpServicesAccess
    • Revoke-AzHDInsightRdpServicesAccess
  • Added three cmdlets:
    • Get-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Get-AzHDInsightOMS.
    • Enable-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Enable-AzHDInsightOMS.
    • Disable-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Disable-AzHDInsightOMS.
  • Fixed cmdlet Get-AzHDInsightProperties to support get capabilities information from a specific location.
  • Removed parameter sets('Spark1', 'Spark2') from Add-AzHDInsightConfigValue.
  • Add examples to the help documents of cmdlet Add-AzHDInsightSecurityProfile.
  • Changed output type of the following cmdlets:
    • Changed the output type of Get-AzHDInsightProperties from CapabilitiesResponse to AzureHDInsightCapabilities.
    • Changed the output type of Remove-AzHDInsightCluster from ClusterGetResponse to bool.
    • Changed the output type of Set-AzHDInsightGatewaySettings HttpConnectivitySettings to GatewaySettings.
  • Added some scenario test cases.
  • Remove some alias: 'Add-AzHDInsightConfigValues', 'Get-AzHDInsightProperties'.


  • Breaking changes:
    • The cmdlet 'Add-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' no longer supports the parameter 'EventHubEndpointName' and no alias was found for the original parameter name.
    • The parameter set '__AllParameterSets' for cmdlet 'Add-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' has been removed.
    • The cmdlet 'Get-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' no longer supports the parameter 'EventHubEndpointName' and no alias was found for the original parameter name.
    • The parameter set '__AllParameterSets' for cmdlet 'Get-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' has been removed.
    • The property 'OperationsMonitoringProperties' of type 'Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Management.IotHub.Models.PSIotHubProperties' has been removed.
    • The property 'OperationsMonitoringProperties' of type 'Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Management.IotHub.Models.PSIotHubInputProperties' has been removed.
    • The cmdlet 'New-AzIotHubExportDevice' no longer supports the alias 'New-AzIotHubExportDevices'.
    • The cmdlet 'New-AzIotHubImportDevice' no longer supports the alias 'New-AzIotHubImportDevices'.
    • The cmdlet 'Remove-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' no longer supports the parameter 'EventHubEndpointName' and no alias was found for the original parameter name.
    • The parameter set '__AllParameterSets' for cmdlet 'Remove-AzIotHubEventHubConsumerGroup' has been removed.
    • The cmdlet 'Set-AzIotHub' no longer supports the parameter 'OperationsMonitoringProperties' and no alias was found for the original parameter name.
    • The parameter set 'UpdateOperationsMonitoringProperties' for cmdlet 'Set-AzIotHub' has been removed.


  • Azure Site Recovery support to configure networking resources like NSG, public IP and internal load balancers for Azure to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to write to managed disk for vMWare to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to NIC reduction for vMWare to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to accelerated networking for Azure to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to agent auto update for Azure to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to Standard SSD for Azure to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to Azure Disk Encryption two pass for Azure to Azure.
  • Azure Site Recovery Support to protect newly added disk for Azure to Azure.
  • Added SoftDelete feature for VM and added tests for softdelete


  • Update dependency assembly Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory from 1.1.1 to 2.2


  • Change all cmdlets for PrivateEndpointConnection to support generic service provider.
    • Updated cmdlet:
      • Approve-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
      • Deny-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
      • Get-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
      • Remove-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
      • Set-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
  • Add new cmdlet for PrivateLinkResource and it also support generic service provider.
    • New cmdlet:
      • Get-AzPrivateLinkResource
  • Add new fields and parameter for the feature Proxy Protocol V2.
    • Add property EnableProxyProtocol in PrivateLinkService
    • Add property LinkIdentifier in PrivateEndpointConnection
    • Updated New-AzPrivateLinkService to add a new optional parameter EnableProxyProtocol.
  • Fix incorrect parameter description in 'New-AzApplicationGatewaySku' reference documentation
  • New cmdlets to support the azure firewall policy
  • Add support for child resource RouteTables of VirtualHub
    • New cmdlets added:
      • Add-AzVirtualHubRoute
      • Add-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
      • Get-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
      • Remove-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
      • Set-AzVirtualHub
  • Add support for new properties Sku of VirtualHub and VirtualWANType of VirtualWan
    • Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
      • New-AzVirtualHub : added parameter Sku
      • Update-AzVirtualHub : added parameter Sku
      • New-AzVirtualWan : added parameter VirtualWANType
      • Update-AzVirtualWan : added parameter VirtualWANType
  • Add support for EnableInternetSecurity property for HubVnetConnection, VpnConnection and ExpressRouteConnection
    • New cmdlets added:
      • Update-AzureRmVirtualHubVnetConnection
    • Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
      • New-AzureRmVirtualHubVnetConnection : added parameter EnableInternetSecurity
      • New-AzureRmVpnConnection : added parameter EnableInternetSecurity
      • Update-AzureRmVpnConnection : added parameter EnableInternetSecurity
      • New-AzureRmExpressRouteConnection : added parameter EnableInternetSecurity
      • Set-AzureRmExpressRouteConnection : added parameter EnableInternetSecurity
  • Add support for Configuring TopLevel WebApplicationFirewall Policy
    • New cmdlets added:
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicySetting
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyExclusion
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyManagedRuleGroupOverride
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyManagedRuleOverride
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyManagedRule
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyManagedRuleSet
    • Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicy : added parameter PolicySetting, ManagedRule
  • Added support for Geo-Match operator on CustomRule
    • Added GeoMatch to the operator on the FirewallCondition
  • Added support for perListener and perSite Firewall policy
    • Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayHttpListener : added parameter FirewallPolicy, FirewallPolicyId
      • New-AzApplicationGatewayPathRuleConfig : added parameter FirewallPolicy, FirewallPolicyId
  • Fix required subnet with name AzureBastionSubnet in 'PSBastion' can be case insensitive
  • Support for Destination FQDNs in Network Rules and Translated FQDN in NAT Rules for Azure Firewall
  • Add support for top level resource RouteTables of IpGroup
    • New cmdlets added:
      • New-AzIpGroup
      • Remove-AzIpGroup
      • Get-AzIpGroup
      • Set-AzIpGroup


  • Remove Add-AzServiceFabricApplicationCertificate cmdlet as this scenario is covered by Add-AzVmssSecret.


  • Added support for restore of dropped databases on Managed Instances.
  • Deprecated from code old auditing cmdlets.
  • Removed deprecated aliases:
  • Get-AzSqlDatabaseIndexRecommendations (use Get-AzSqlDatabaseIndexRecommendation instead)
  • Get-AzSqlDatabaseRestorePoints (use Get-AzSqlDatabaseRestorePoint instead)
  • Remove Get-AzSqlDatabaseSecureConnectionPolicy cmdlet
  • Remove aliases for deprecated Vulnerability Assessment Settings cmdlets
  • Deprecate Advanced Threat Detection Settings cmdlets
  • Adding cmdlets to Disable and enable sensitivity recommendations on columns in a database.


  • Support enable Large File share when create or update Storage account
    • New-AzStorageAccount
    • Set-AzStorageAccount
  • When close/get File handle, skip check the input path is File directory or File, to avoid failure with object in DeletePending status
    • Get-AzStorageFileHandle
    • Close-AzStorageFileHandle
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