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Deploys a Windows VM and Configures a WinRM Https listener. It creates a self signed certificate, so no extra certificate is required.

Description of Template

This template allows you to deploy a simple Windows VM using a few different options for the Windows version. This will then configure a WinRM https listener by creating a new test certificate.

The template uses a custom script extension which executes the script 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates/master/201-vm-winrm-windows/ConfigureWinRM.ps1' on the target machine. This script creates a self signed certificate and configures the WinRM Https listener using the certificate's thumbprint.

This template has been tested with Windows Server 2008-R2-SP1, 2012-Datacenter, and 2012-R2-Datacenter.

How to connect to a Target Azure VM post WinRM configuration

Use the below script to connect to an azure vm post winrm configuration. Assign the exact fqdn of your azure vm to $hostname. The script pops up a credential window, provide the credentials of azure vm.

$hostName=<fqdn-of-vm> # example: "myvm.westus.cloudapp.azure.com"
$winrmPort = '5986'

# Get the credentials of the machine
$cred = Get-Credential

# Connect to the machine
$soptions = New-PSSessionOption -SkipCACheck
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName $hostName -Port $winrmPort -Credential $cred -SessionOption $soptions -UseSSL