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Evidian SafeKit - High Availability Cluster with Synchronous Real-Time Replication and Failover in Azure - Mirror Module


How the Evidian SafeKit mirror cluster implements real-time replication and failover in Azure?

On the previous figure,

  • the critical application is running on the PRIM server
  • users are connected to a primary/secondary virtual IP address which is configured in the Azure load balancer
  • SafeKit brings a generic health probe for the load balancer. On the PRIM server, the health probe returns OK to the load balancer and NOK on the SECOND server.
  • in each server, SafeKit monitors the critical application with process checkers and custom checkers
  • SafeKit restarts automatically the critical application when there is a software failure or a hardware failure thanks to restart scripts
  • SafeKit makes synchronous real-time replication of files containing critical data
  • a connector for the SafeKit web console is installed in each server. Thus, the high availability cluster can be managed in a very simple way to avoid human errors

Deployed resources

In term of VMs, this template deploys:

  • 2 VMs (Windows or Linux) spanning 2 availability zones
  • each VM has a public IP address
  • the SafeKit free trial is installed in both VMs
  • a SafeKit mirror module is configured in both VMs

In term of load balancer, this template deploys:

  • a public load balancer (standard SKU)
  • a public IP (Standard SKU) is associated with the public load balancer and plays the role of the virtual IP
  • both VMs are in the backend pool of the load balancer
  • a health probe checks the mirror module state on both VMs
  • a load balancing rule for external port 9453 / internal port 9453 is set to test the primary/secondary virtual IP

How to use

Click the "Deploy to Azure" button at the beginning of this document to deploy the high availability cluster. Please create a new resource group.

After deployment, go to the resource groups's deployment ('Microsoft.Template') output panel and:

  • visit the credential url to install the client and CA certificates in your web browser
  • after certificates installation, start the web console of the cluster
  • test the primary/secondary virtual IP address with the test URL in the output

More information on Evidian SafeKit in Azure

Tags: high availability, cluster, replication, real-time replication, synchronous replication, failover, business continuity, disaster recovery, evidian, safekit, mirror

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