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Create a Resource Group, Lock it and give permssions to it

This template is a subscription level template that will create a resource group, apply a DoNotDelete lock to that group and assign the contributor role to a principal specified in a template parameters.

Currently the only supported methods for deploying subscription level templates are the REST apis, some SDKS and the Azure CLI. For the latest check here.

For deploying this template from the CLI you can run the following command from the folder where the sample is located.

NOTE: Role Assigments use a GUID for the name, this must be unique for every role assignment on the group. The roleAssignmentName parameter is used to seed the guid() function with this value, change it for each deployment. You can supply a guid or any string, as long as it has not been used before when assigning the role to the resourceGroup.

az deployment create -l southcentralus --template-file ./azuredeploy.json --parameters roleAssignmentName={random seed}
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