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dlstucki Clarify the Namespace type (#29)
Service Bus Namespace is a different kind of artifact than Relay. HybridConnections are only allows in Azure Relay Namespaces not Service Bus Namespaces.
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Azure Relay samples

This folder contains samples that demonstrate the features of Azure Relay. See the readme files within each sample folder for details. The following feature areas are covered:

Hybrid Connections

The hybrid-connections folder contains samples that demonstrate the WebSocket and HTTP features of the open-protocol Hybrid Connections feature set.

There are Node.js and .NET samples, with further languages forthcoming.

WCF Relay

The wcf-relay folder contains a set of samples that demonstrate the features of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Relay. The readme.md file within the WCF Relay explains how to build and run the samples. The WCF Relay features are only available for the full .NET Framework on Windows, which they depend on.